FilmTV 2013 Final Film Screening Reviews

I can honestly say my feelings in regards to watching the Final Film screening of FilmTV1 (felt like going to watch the premier of your own movie..all thats left is the media and the glitz…haha) is very mutual with everyone. You can sense that when you were in the theater room that everyone was buzzing looking forward to watching their semester film work with everyone and very much so spending precious time with their friends near the end of the semester. The overall standard of work done by everyone in this semester was awesome!

And here are my reviews:

The Job Interview                                                                                                           The first thing that immediately caught my eye as the film was showing in the theater was the pacing. It didnt fell out of place and was timed perfectly. Perfectly casted and loved the blender machine bit! (if im not mistaken)                                                                     Notes:  Director of Photography! +1
The chemistry between the two characters was subliminal! +1

Nice music. Nicely edited to go from ‘horror’ to disgusting to jaw-dropping in a few minutes. Not as much as narrative driven but just the story of friends goofing around until bad things starts happening (and the fork in the eye!). Was livid and shocked near the end.
Notes:  The Fork in Eye +1

Hilarious Transplant
A unique type of brash, bizarre comedy film take on Japanese gameshow that worked.
Notes:  Appreciated the effort to make the Stereotype Japanese Graphics. +1

Rent Day
One of the few films i felt that had substantial story line aided by great script, prop, cast, performance and nicely framed shots (cheeky extreme closeup, the part where the jewish lady untied her hair with the lighting on her). Add that with a hopeless romantic and you have funny stuff here!
Notes: Nicely executed film with great cast with awesome performance +1               Crash Zoom in on ring. +1
Good framing done by DOP/Camera operator +1

Where’s Pierre?
The top 3 of the night. Nicely framed shot and editing and the taking of various shots from different angles added to the experience. Love the framing done of the wide shot of the kitchen and lounge. Giving it much perspective.                                                         Notes: Awesome cinematography. +1
Have I mention how I loved the wide shot of the Kitchen/Lounge?. +1
The wife writing sexual things in crossword. +1
The twist near the end. +1

Loot                                                                                                                                   The thing that stand out from this film i reckon would the the performance of the cast especially the girl from the cash register ( kudos to the team for an awesome talent)
Notes:  The talent’s performances (loved the contrasting chemistry) +1            Appreciated the effort took to make the prop (especially the logo for loot) +1                   The script is nicely done +1


Film-TV1 experience – final week

At this stage of the semester where we are at the suite finalizing our films in preparation for the screening. I look back with happiness and a sense of achievement where at the beginning of the semester, I knew a bit about the creative industry from the outside looking in but never ever in my life would I held a production-camera to create my own piece of content notwithstanding create your own student film.

Over the past 12 weeks, this whole course would be considered a crash course introduction to creating a production quality content. With relatively no budget, we planned everything from week 1 to create a student film project and we are going trhough all the process from forming a group, assigned roles, creating scripts, casting (all part of pre-production) to the post production.

And i had to admit, I learned a lot from creating my first script (during the brainstorming session of the first few weeks) to holding my own in my role as the camera operator during production and doing it as a team for editing during post. I felt lucky to have a supporting teammates and we were very much in the spirit of do your very best at your role with the mindset of doing it as a team. I think I learned a lot being the camera operator and having gone through the process of production, i felt that Im quite keen to create my own script and maybe direct it one day ( god willing). This experience was utmost important and will be highlighted as the moment that will lead me in that direction. Clearly a lot of things I’ve got to learn and improve like getting better at casting people, be more prompt at editing and imagine the framing and the shot required based on the script and the DOP. But overall, this experience open my eyes to a side of me that I’ve never known and I am ever willing to push myself to learn better.

Rough Cut Screening

After we had our initial rough cut editing, Paul would arrange for the last tutorial class to have a screening in class to get feedback and opinions from everyone (including Robin ) on our student group film. Overall the feedback was very positive. Robin started off by saying that he loved the opening scene establishing the surrounding, sound and look of the creek. He loved the pace of the editing and advised us to not change the opening as it is well done and would be a shame if added music, atmos sound or anything in that sense as the music would be front and centre of the focus of the audience, being a distraction rather than our aim of establishing the creek as the focus of the film. Other few things that the class highlighted was the fact that some scenes where maybe better if they were cut short as it can be a bit draggy ( like the second and third awakening) and the roles of other actors as their performance were far from convincing. The focus would be better off on James. We’ll add these feedback into consideration when we’ll do our fine cut in these few days.

Integrated Media Week 11 Tutorial Wrapup

In a sign that the semester is ending soon,as the doors of the university campus starting to close in these upcoming few weeks. this week’s tutorial class is specially focused on the ‘bonus’ aspect of the group assignment where as we deal with the construction of the kfilm and the essay as part of the task required, this week’s class was aimed to give bonus to groups that was able to present a preemptive prototype of their kfilm in class.

Being the one that leads the group in terms of the construction of the KFilm, (being a perfectionist) initially I find myself to really hate the prototype as it didnt follow what I intended it to become as it was not alligned together for the two different interfaces that I was applying. As a strength of the film, it had the potential as a aesthetic to become beautiful tiles put together to accommodate the two different formats which is rectangular and square.

The general feedback in class was overall positive. Many liked the general structure, the usage of a black background and simplicity of the theme. They also added suggestions to improve the film like adding ambient sound and similar sized thumbnails. Next week would be the last week of class for the semester and Adrian would wrap up the bonus part of the assessment with the second showing of the prototype. Hopefully our KFilm will be further refined by then.

Film-TV1 Week 10 Reflection

This week’s lecture touches on the final process to our final film project; Post – Production. The lecture touches on the procedures done during this process and what to mind so that we wont waste much time making too much mistake.

Here’s the few key points that should be taken into consideration:

  1. Organise your project into sequences and bins for each scene
  2. Set the scratch disk to the assigned disk/ local storage in the server
  3. Import the raw footage to Final Cut project sequence (and renaming each footage (thank me later))
  4. Have different copies of your project.  
  5. NEVER DELETE anything until project is done (put undesired footage to the bin)                        
  6. LEARN KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (saves a lot of time and makes the editing runs smoother)
  7. Focus on arranging the footage accordingly to each scene for the rough-cut then fine tuned it with music and Foley shots for the fine cut.

Shooting Day – The Creek

So we just had our shooting day for our Film-TV1 film project. After an intense preparation for this day, all things went relatively smooth overall. As this was my first time having a hands-on approach in filmmaking, initially I was feeling rather nervous but it was an amazing experience. I learned various skills liked how to shot a master shot (wide-shot), midshot, closeup and other technical skills like extreme closeup to accommodate the shot list and storyboard. Not only did i learned how to technically shot a scene, I learned as the day goes on why and what purpose the shot does ( A wide-shot establish a scene for the audience, A closeup gives the audience the chance to see the actor’s face to see their facial expressions thus giving the scene a intimate feel). Other theoretical skills that I learned was also OTS shot, shot-reverse shot and panning.

Having to reflect on today, I think Jess Junor’s involvement as our AD was crucial as we were at ends trying to keep up with time throughout our production process. She did a splendid job of keeping us to our schedule. It was inevitable that our shot construction would change but I think Tiffany and Katrina did a good job leading the group with the flow of the project. One issue that kept persisting was lighting, in some scenes we were trying our best to let excessive lighting and shadows get into the frame but because we arrives to the location early, our main scene was shot beautifully as the light was not too bright. The rest of the scene was shot indoors so the variable was still controllable. In essense, I would like to think that the day was a success and like to thank the crew and volunteers for their hardwork and dedication in making today an awesome day.